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WorthWild is a crowdfunding platform for environmentally-conscious businesses, nonprofits and individuals that want to raise money to fund projects that protect and sustain the planet. A certified B Corp, WorthWild is more than a crowdfunding website. The fee-free green platform is a movement created by people who put the environment first and a social network for the next generation of environmental stewards who champion products, ideas, and services that will collectively help the environment.

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Recently Funded Campaigns

  • Nonprofit badge Abonyun squam creek 10.2015 3
    Squam Creek Preserve

    We are looking for your help to protect this beautiful 144-acre property on Westport Island, Maine.

  • Nonprofit badge Ciesluk property trail p5210027
    Save 55 Acres of Critical Land for Wildlife and People

    Help SVT, and the Towns of Berlin & Clinton conserve 55 acres important wildlife habitat to make a 248 acre refuge for endangered species!

  • Nonprofit badge Hikers
    Act Locally: Support Land Conservation in Massachusetts

    Do you care about open space? Contribute to support what you treasure!

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  • P1300088
    Once Upon A Time A Tree...

    To plant trees from North America to Argentina

    Launching Soon
  • Rml black card
    Generate A Biodiversity Score For Your Land

    Rate My Land wants to give landowners a way to score and certify the biodiversity on their land as they discover it.

    Launching Soon
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    WorthWild Gives Back

    We're proud to be part of a global network of businesses and nonprofits setting the new corporate standard for social and environmental performance. Since WorthWild now provides our crowdfunding platform free of charge, 100% of our would-be revenue now goes directly into projects that drive environmental education, innovation, conservation, and human-powered recreation.