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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows individuals and organizations to raise funds for a specific project by asking a large number of people (usually in their personal networks) for many small donations.

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  • Nonprofit badge
    Water Bottles for Boston Youth

    Earth-conscious students at BCCS fundraise to save to world, one water bottle at a time!

    • $6,500 Pledged
    • 100% Funded

    • 0 days left
  • Nonprofit badge Ngss
    Green Schools Challenge

    Supporting K-12 students and schools with our award-winning programs and National Green Schools Society.

    • $4020 Pledged
    • 100% Funded

    • 0 days left

WorthWild Gives Back

We're proud to be part of a global network of businesses and nonprofits setting the new corporate standard for social and environmental performance. One percent of every dollar made at WorthWild goes straight back into nonprofits that drive environmental education, innovation, conservation, and human-powered recreation.

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