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About WorthWild

WorthWild is a crowdfunding platform for environmentally-conscious businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who want to raise money to fund projects that protect and sustain the planet. A certified B Corp, WorthWild is more than a crowdfunding website. The fee-free green platform is a movement created by people who put the environment first and a social network for the next generation of environmental stewards who champion products, ideas and services that will collectively help to save the planet.

WorthWild utilizes technology to rally behind green ideas, guiding first-time crowdfunders and experienced philanthropists through the process of building effective campaigns from start to finish. While crowdfunding sites charge a percentage of between 5 and 10 percent, WorthWild's fee-free platform is a gift to the green community that was designed to encourage site use, public awareness, and funding of sustainable, environmentally sound and progressive projects.

Always focused on its bottom line mission of helping green projects become viable and sustainable, WorthWild sees its role not only as a fundraising platform, but as a source of community, education, and inspiration. WorthWild sets fundraisers up for success by listening first and planning second. It provides a social network through which to exchange ideas, educate, tell stories, recruit, and fundraise. Conservationists, eco businesses, environmental educators and projects that use the green platform build connections with like-minded environmental change-makers and visionaries, and find resources that help to prepare them to perpetuate positive change.