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The Amphibian Survival Alliance crowdfunded to secure 10,000 football fields worth of habitat for amphibians in the Phillippines, Madagascar, Ecuador & beyond. They partnered with a donor willing to triple every dollar raised during the campaign.


New reserves in priority sites worldwide and protection for over 900 species of amphibians that otherwise would not be afforded protection. Habitat conservation across the globe.

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Boston Collegiate Charter School combatted the waste associated with single use plastic water bottles & raised awareness for recycling througout the school. They partnered with Hilton's Tent City to reduce the cost of reusable water bottles, raised enough money to purchase one for every student, & ran a water bottle waste awareness campaign at the school.

500 students on a mission to reduce waste & spread the word about recycling. Statistically, each reusable bottle saves 160+ single use water bottles from landfills each year. The result... 80,000 fewer plastic bottles in landfills each year.



Family Nature Summits provided scholarships to students & educators for their week-long adventure summit, which brings together local experts & nationally-known faculty to create high-quality, hands-on programs. The National Wildlife Federation founded the Summits in 1970 as an extension of the first Earth Day & FNS has continued the tradition for the last 44 years.

Environmentally informed and inspired students, educators and families from underserved & underprivileged communities. FNS scholarship winners become ambassadors for the cause, sharing their experiences with communities, educators and students. Creation of force multipliers to support the outdoors.

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The Childplay Institute crowdfunded to provide 10 full scholarships for international and North American childcare professionals, environmental educators, teachers & students to attend their nature training conference. The institute focuses on the benefits of outdoor play to the development of young children, & cultivating creativity in an outdoor setting to help them grow into dynamic and successful adults.

Attendees penetrate all segments of society spreading the skills & knowledge of the Training Institute to diverse & widespread communities. One of the greatest benefits... Nature enriched lives of children from large cities.

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Americas Latino crowdfunded to break ground in the cultural, political & environmental arena by hosting their 2nd annual Americas Latino Festival in Colorado. The festival showcases the arts & sciences as agents for social & environmental justice reconciling people & places for a sustainable future & uniting communities across social, economic, cultural & historical divides.

Shared ideas on collaborative action plans to address the environmental concerns & interests of the Latino population as they burst in numbers throughout the United States. Community engagement for a sustainable future.

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Kestrel Educational Adventures raised money to build an outdoor learning center in the heart of Essex County, MA & invite locals to co-explore with their staff, answer questions about local ecology, & outfit them to pursue answers.

An easily-accessible facility that highlights all of the region's natural resources & builds community around exploring & understanding them. The Get Outside Center encourages... Community engagement in the outdoors.

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After illegal mining activities stripped 5,000 acres of Peruvian jungle (topsoil included), Save Peru is working to revegitate the land and return it to its original state. Save Peru set up a partnership with the head engineer of the regional government's agroforestry program to create a plan that utilizes permaculture methods in restoration projects.

Restored forests will provide habitat & food for animals, and income & food for local people. Habitat for animals. Income & food for locals.

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Green Schools exists to create healthier, greener schools & communities by providing tools to teach passionate students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members their role in the future of the environment. Green Schools crowdfunded to make membership fees for schools free, providing programming & professional development for innovative environmental education, STEM education & cutting edge resources.

More schools invested in healthier students, schools and communities. Healthy, green schools.

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Freeport Conservation Trust crowdfunded their purchase of a conservation easement from a retiring farm couple to fulfill their vision of protecting Winterwood Farm in Freeport, Maine from development and ensuring that it remains farmland forever.

Freeport's drinking water protected. Enhanced opportunities for future generations of farmers to buy farmland in Freeport to grow food for people and restaurants.Agricultural land and open space permanently preserved.