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Initiative Criteria

WorthWild is for nonprofits, schools, land trusts, businesses, students, educators, entrepreneurs, architects, researchers, artists, outdoor adventurers, environmental leaders, and everyone in between.

As long as your project meets the following criteria, we're excited about hosting your initiative and helping you to succeed:

  1. Your initiative must be related to the environment and/or outdoors. It can be an environmental education or conservation project, or a new green product. You can even fund outdoor recreation, as long as it is not damaging to the environment.

  2. Videos are required on the WorthWild platform. Your chances of success go up by 70% if you have a video on your crowdfunding campaign, and we want you to be successful! Static pictures and words aren't always enough. Your video must be original, and crafted specifically for your campaign. If your video isn't ready yet, but you want to get started, you can always start with a Prelaunch page. See WorthWild's Crowdfunding 101: Write a Script to learn about making a killer video.

  3. Be specific about how you will use any funding you secure. Your campaign has a higher likelihood of being accepted on the WorthWild platform if you are transparent about how you will spend your funds (plus, people will be more likely to fund you). See Crowdfunding 101: Storytelling to learn more.

    If you run a Flexible funding campaign, include a brief statement in your initiative's story explaining how you will use the funds if you do not reach your goal. If you're not sure what "Flexible" means, click here to learn more.

  4. We accept campaigns from Initiators within the United States. If you are running a campaign from a non-U.S. country, you must have a fiscal agent within the United States to receive funds. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on non-U.S. initiatives receiving funds through U.S. organizations.

  5. For crowdfunding campaigns, we require at least one reward, as you'll get more support if you offer some thanks. See Crowdfunding 101: Rewards for suggestions.

  6. Keep it sustainable (including your rewards). We support initiatives that are out there to solve problems, not create them; so keep your own impact in mind! Keep your methods sustainable and your waste minimal.

  7. Campaign owners ("Initiators") must be at least 18 years old and must be able to accept payments through WorthWild's payment processing partner, WePay. When you create an initiative, you will be prompted to set up a WePay account.

  8. The information you provide on WePay should match the information you give WorthWild. You'll need a tax id number (social security number or EIN) to withdraw funds from WePay.