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Crowdfunding 101

Why WorthWild?

It's important to know who you're doing business with before you put your idea and your reputation on the line. Here's the WorthWild difference:

WorthWild was created with the eco-friendly change-maker in mind. Not only do we support our clients' green initiatives, conservation projects and businesses, we're also involved in green endeavors of our own, least of which is our carefully crafted funding and support platform. Our experiences are applicable to those within our ever-expanding network, making us a perfect partner for first time and experienced crowdfunders alike. We've been there, we are there, and we'll continue to be on the forefront of technology, community building, and the perpetuation of positive change. Our clients appreciate that.

What's more, after your pledges have all come in and you're well on your way to doing the work you set out to fund, we'll continue to share your initiative to help further influence and inspire the next generation of change-makers.

What you get when you crowdfund on WorthWild

  • Unparallelled advice from crowdfunding experts in our automated emails and these lessons
  • Free prelaunch option to secure pledges before you start crowdfunding
  • Free crowdfunding campaigns
  • Multiple funding options: Choose fixed, flexible, or 365 (ongoing).
  • Automated tax-deductible receipts for nonprofit crowdfunders
  • A green platform you can be proud to do business with

Please enjoy this series of crowdfunding lessons designed to set you up for ultimate success. Remember, your success is our success, and the success of the community at large. We won't lead you astray


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