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Prelaunch, crowdfund or 365... Which is right for me?


Prelaunching is ideal if you don't have all your ducks in a row quite yet, or if you want to build a following before you launch so you can start collecting money on day one. Since you can collect pledges, you'll know exactly where you stand with the crowd before you even start crowdfunding.

A prelaunch page allows you to put the pieces together and plan for your crowdfunding campaign ahead of time. While you shoot your pitch video, perfect your story, and plan your outreach and rewards for donors, you can create some buzz around your project and gather pledges and feedback before you enter the time crunch of crowdfunding.

Almost all campaigns will benefit from a prelaunch period. There is no time limit for prelaunching.


When you publish your crowdfunding page, the clock starts ticking, and you'll start collecting money right away. So if you've got a solid plan, a great story and pitch video, and (optionally) a team to help you spread the word, you're in good shape to start crowdfunding. You choose how long your campaign will last, but 60 days is the maximum.

If you ran a prelaunch first and have 30% of your goal raised in pledges, you're in an outstanding position to start your initiative! To start an initiative from your prelaunch page, click on "Start Crowdfunding" in your Stats and Tool box on the right side of the prelaunch.

365 Page

If you like the idea of collecting contributions and spreading the word about your organization online, but you don't have a specific project in mind, an ongoing "365" campaign is right for you.

Utilize the same convenient video, storytelling, social media sharing and payment processing tools offered in our crowdfunding model without the ticking clock.

Use a 365 campaign page to supplement your capital campaign efforts or link to it from your organization's website to begin collecting general contributions throughout the year. 365's make it quick and easy for your donors to give online.