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Once Upon A Time A Tree...

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Pledged: $500
Goal: $50,000
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We have decided to take action on one crucial issue concerning our world environnement; deforestation.
Just between North  America, Central America and South America we lost 125053978 hectares of forest due to man irresponsible actions and forest fires. We took action in putting together a project consisting in planting trees evry 100 meters from North America to the bottom of South America. When I say we took action it means that we invested our own funds (approximatly 45000 Euros to set up the great chain of the trees. We chose to do it with mules and wagons, slowly, to take the time to speak to schools, people like you and I , in order to have them sensibilize to this huge problem. We purchase our mules and all our equipment and we took the road for few months to test  for real the fesability of our project. To communicate we created a website in 3 language (French, English and Spanish. You can  visit us onhttp://www.onceuponatimeatree.com  We also created a blog under eraseunavesunarbol.blogspot.com 
Now we need you, to help us keep going. the duration of the voyage will be 3 years more or less and our objective is to plant at least 200 000 trees . The funds will be used only for the purchasing of the seedlings in various nurseries, to feed ourselves and the mules. Some part of the funds will help us to pay for the mules vaccinations to cross various countries , to developp our website. A  monthly account of our expenses will  be prented on our website for our donnors to be fully aware of the expenses.  We will be in the USA in one month to remobized our whole operation and we will need the funds at this moment.
We want to know each of our donnors in order to reward them by planting trees for them and we will give each of you the GPS position of your trees.
Finally, all of us are aware of the emrgency concerning the status of our forests and we thank you for joining us and acting with us
All the best
Bernard Bouygues


Campaign Team: • Bernard Bouygues • Ico mail green